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Making Sense of This Week's Takedown
January 7, 2011 
Issue 90

SGS Notes:
If you've been following the SGS Newsletter you will know that we try to bring the latest and most relevant news from the precious metals marketplace and commentaries by experts to our subscribers.

Often, it's a great challenge to select from the volume of material we peruse each week, the item(s) that have the most relevance and are the most understandable by the average person.

If you've been following the price action in silver and gold in the past 2 weeks, you will know that both metals made historic highs at the end of 2010, and have both had significant drops in this past week's action.

When we see this type of volatility in the market, there is a flurry of writing on the subject, making our task to select the one most relevant article for our feature article.

So this week, we've decided to bring you links to our top selection of informative articles for your reading, and allow you to decide which has the most relevance to your situation.

Happy Reading!

Making Sense of This Week's Takedown

Trader Dan's Daily Gold Action

Gold Over $2,000, Silver Above $50 in 2011
John Embry

New Buyers Taking on Silver Shorts is Very Bullish
James Turk

Silver 'Misbehaves' in Recent Rally: Time to Buy
Jeff Nielson

The Precious Metals Manipulation Explained
R. D. Bradshaw

Some Thoughts on the Manipulation
Hugo Salinas Price -

Interesting Tidbits

Gold Vending Machine Unveiled In Vegas

Who Said The Dumbest Thing
About Precious Metals in 2010?

Adrian Douglas - GATA

Silver Joins Gold As Currency
Larry W. Reaugh

Silver Acticoat™ Dressing Wins
Lifetime Achievement Award

From the Bulls

Holding Physical Gold Is Absolutely Critical
To Your Financial Survival!

Egon von Greyerz of Gold Switzerland

Silver Is About As Close As You Can Get
To A Sure Bet! Here's Why

J. Edwards of Gold Stock Mania

The U.S. Dollar: Too Big to Fail?
Jerry Western

Jerry Western


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Gold and Silver Prices Signal the
Destruction of the Dollar


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