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Past Wisdom And a Return To A Reality-based Monetary System ~ Larry Myles
December 10, 2010 
Issue 88

SGS Notes: This week's video is important to listen to. We are seeing increasing delays in obtaining inventory. I had a conversation with one of our suppliers today who informed me that they are starting to see delays in getting the silver to mint...EVERYONE PLEASE UNDERSTAND : it's beginning to 'hit the fan'... there is a very real silver shortage... You may see some dramatic dips that happen in conjunction with the manipulations going on, but the duration is getting shorter and shorter... the prices are quickly returning to free market rates... Gold/Silver ratio is now down to 48:1... still has a long way to go...

Past Wisdom And a Return To A Reality-based Monetary System
Larry Myles

"Precious metals alone are money. Paper notes are money because they are representative of metallic money."

Samuel Jones-Loyd, 1st Baron Overstone. (1852)

We can thank Baron Overstone for his words of wisdom; although it appears many of our modern leaders have forgotten the foundation of true wealth - prosperity through production and fair trade, along with a value-consistent currency based on gold and silver. True wealth… sustainable wealth cannot come about through the printing of air-backed fiat currency, followed by sophisticated multi-layered financial scheming that makes the collection of fiat an end unto itself. Sooner or later the inflationary factor will erode the wealth right out of those air-backed paper notes.

Worth noting: Prior to 1914, each of the above mentioned in-country paper notes were representative of a certain weight of gold. The U.S. Dollar equalled 1/20th of a gold ounce. The British Pound Sterling was representative of ¼ of an ounce of gold. I for one am not interested in debating the alleged absurdity of returning to the gold standard; other than to say the fiat-only model is clearly not working.

Making the case is the frequency of the recent spate of (unsuccessful) G20 meetings. In 1944 the Bretton Woods system of monetary management established the rules for commercial and financial relations among the world's major industrial states. The agreement lasted almost forty years. In 1971 Richard Nixon removed the U.S. from the gold standard and commented on the success reached by world leaders (Smithsonian Agreement): "The greatest single monetary agreement in the entire history of world civilization and will guarantee global prosperity." A little over a year later, the agreement collapsed in total failure.

Both of those agreements came after months of careful planning and were trumpeted as a final solution to monetary stability. Fast forward to the present; we are now enjoying G20 meetings that are becoming almost monthly events, replete with wrangling and finger-pointing. Yet no amount of trickery or shadowy alliance-building is working. Why? Trying to sculpt a coherent policy based on the irrational printing of air-backed fiat currency is a fool's game. Again, the futility of the Glass Bead Game comes to mind; especially when a monetary formula for success and prosperity is readily available - but it would mean wresting control away from the world's bankers!

Basing the worth of any and all currencies on the weight of gold would bring much-needed reality to a world awash in worthless paper money. Believing in a gold-based system too hard to swallow? Okay, what is your solution? That we remain rooted in the world of Reductio ad absurdum? That is no solution and I think you know it.

A personal solution; and one being practiced globally, is the growing number of people who are shunning paper money and turning to gold and silver. China is one nation that is openly encouraging its 1.3 billion citizens to get out there and accumulate the currency metals. It is the same story in India where you can even buy or order gold from neighbourhood postal outlets. You do not have to tell the Europeans twice; they are buying gold like there is no tomorrow. America? Two years ago we did not succumb to the scandalous falsehood that 'buying gold is un-American'. That whisper campaign failed miserably. Last year, the 'phony gold bubble' story enjoyed even less success. In 2010, the current administration in Washington, has proven itself to be pathologically stubborn. I am certainly not expecting an endorsement from our Keynesian enamoured leaders to buy gold. They will go down with their ship; but that does not mean you have to join them.

If Washington attempts to outlaw gold and silver, we will respond with scoffing defiance, followed by anarchy and lawlessness. As I have stated many times, the collapse of currencies is coming.

Hopefully, out of the rubble, a system may emerge based on two radical ideas; we will embrace a monetary system based on gold, and the world governments will adapt a plan that includes a schedule of debt forgiveness. Think about it. This is not a position of destructive radicalism; more a case of remorseless logic and a valid attempt to at least move the dialogue in a different direction.

When it comes to the demise of fiat currency throughout the ages, I am not just talking through my hat. I do have history on my side. Debauching the in-country currency toppled Rome and lead to the French Revolution. The audacity to think our system cannot collapse is almost laughable.

In the interim, fasten your seat belts and prepare for the global carnival of madness to continue! Expect currency swings, sovereign debt defaults, the collapse of national governments, isolationism and trade wars becoming the order of the day. The carnival show is already in progress. For those in the know, some are comparing this to a fiscal Greek Tragedy. Please, do not take yourselves that seriously. Looking back over 2,000 years of currency default, we are merely watching a repeat performance of a not very original, hackneyed misadventure in Black Comedy.

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"Precious metals alone are money. Paper notes are money because they are representative
of metallic money."

Samuel Jones-Loyd, 1st Baron Overstone. (1852)

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