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Get Ready For Accelerating Devaluation of All Fiat Currencies ~ John Rubino & Chris Martenson
May 21 , 2011
Issue 92
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Issue 108

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SGS Notes: Glad to be back with a new newsletter this week… our computers were down last week and in the shop for several days getting their 'tune up'…

This week, the focus is on the U.S. Dollar and the high potential for its collapse. I know I will be accused of being a 'doom and gloomer' for posting these articles… but when you see similar content being put out by many places, and by people of high respectability and high expertise in the area of economics and monetary system… then you have to sit up and take notice. While we all want to remain positive in the face of adversity, it is folly to refuse to be informed and prepared for potential crises that may be coming our way. I don't make this stuff up… I simply report it to educate and inform… and to help others be as prepared as possible…

Get Ready For Accelerating Devaluation of All Fiat Currencies

John Rubino

"What is happening now is we are exporting our inflation to the rest of the world. We are forcing countries like Brazil and China to endure the pain that we should be enduring. Brazil's interest rates are like 12% right now. China is doing something new every couple of days to scale back bank lending, spending domestically, and everything. They are countries where a big part of the population makes just a few dollars a day. Rising food and energy prices are devastating for these guys. They do not really control the global price of energy and food, yet they have to endure the pain of slowing their economies down and throwing people out of work. Have them have to spend more and more of their money on food and energy so we can keep on borrowing and growing. The government can keep on spending as much as they want to here.

Clearly that is unsustainable. At some point these countries are going to say 'No, we want our currencies to depreciate, too. We want to be able to continue to export to you.' So what we will end up with is sort of like what happened in the depression. Everybody was trying to cut the value of their currencies at the same time. What that leads to obviously is global inflation instead of just localized inflation where a few countries are debasing their currencies. You have got everybody doing it at once. That is because the US, with the world's reserve currency, basically controls this process. We have chosen to decrease the value of the dollar dramatically over the next few years. That is going to force the rest of the world to do the same thing or endure a rocketing economy or a rocketing currency value and recession. No elected politician can put up with that.

So what's out there? Maybe after a mini recession or some kind of correction in the next year or two is another round -- an even bigger round -- of global inflation. Basically all the fiat currencies of the world start decreasing in value at an accelerating rate. So we basically destroy most of them. At some point out there, the whole concept of fiat currency, of governments in charge of their own monetary printing presses is going to be discredited."

Click Here for full transcript of interview with Chris Martenson & John Rubino


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