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The Final Fight ~ Silver Shield
May 7 , 2011
Issue 92
Today's Gold/Silver Ratio: 42/1 Up

Issue 107

Gold: $1500.70/ Silver: $35.85

SGS Notes: :Yes, silver took it on the chin this week. What we have seen in the dramatic price drop for silver and gold has been a carefully orchestrated manipulation of prices by some powerful folks in high places… If you have been following the SGS newsletter for very long, you would know that we've been reporting on this faithfully from the beginning. It's been going on for several years now… and with all the exposé going on by some honest and persistent men in the industry, the fire is heating up under this issue. So this week I am devoting the newsletter to the various commentaries from these people who have reported the truth about what's happening. There's a lot to 'feast on' this week.

This is NOT a normal 'market correction' as some would have us think…Remember that investing in physical silver and gold is not the same as paper … yet the dynamics in paper have a dramatic effect on physical. (Also noteworthy this week… huge difference in Gold:Silver ratio… last week was 32:1

Bear in mind, that all of manipulation forcing prices downward have long-term effects on this market beyond the prices… it creates a disincentive for mines to produce and refine silver… a disincentive for research & development on new sources for silver. Consequently, there is a very real shortage of phyical metals in the market…

And, again, the warning is issue repeatedly: Hold on for the Long Haul. This is NOT the time to SELL… it is the time to ACQUIRE.

Silver Shield: The Final Fight

This is the final fight of physical and paper silver, so hold the line and get ready to take it to the enemy. The Elite have literally thrown everything they have at the silver markets to try to make silver investors weak in the knees and cry uncle. Like a bully trying to take your lunch money by twisting your arm.

This can only end one of two ways; you give up and the banksters laugh or you stand up and say enough! These tactics may work on some paper traders who are literally forced by margin calls. For those who have listened to me, and bought only physical, this recent manipulation is only a subsidized discount to buy more, for less.

The CME has raised the margin requirements an unprecedented 5 times in less than 2 weeks to force higher and higher costs on paper traders to force them to sell. The higher the costs and the lower the price of the underlying asset is a toxic combination in the paper market.

I saw this happen in the 2008 rout, where they took it down 60% in a matter of months. It was the worst time to be a silver holder, but I knew the real story and held on when everything in the world said get out. I held on and even added to my position to then see a return of close to 500% in the next 2 years.

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Collusion by Fed Officials and Commodity Exchange Heads Has Its Intended Effect
Trader Dan

I find it amazing how effectively these people can coordinate their policies with the heads of the commodity exchanges and their pals at the big banks who are perennial shorts in the markets and have now managed to pluck the money out of hundreds of thousands of commodity trading accounts enriching the big banks (government sponsored hedge funds) in the process. Nothing like a freely operating financial system where the playing field is completely level and no one has an advantage over the next guy!

By their continued hiking of silver margins, the exchange effectively removed the liquidity in the silver market that the smaller specs have been providing. That left the market vulnerable to severe drops in price as these specs exited due to financial constraints which then removed a source of potential bids under the market as the CFTC commitments report has shown the small specs to be good buyers in the silver market. Even the bigger hedge funds are impacted by such a sharp hike in margins as their losses in silver then precipitate even more losses across other assorted commodity markets due to the cascading effect of mounting paper losses and margin calls and the need to raise cash.

As the silver market tanked the exchange officials could then warn about Clearinghouse integrity and have more reasons to drive margins even higher as they point to the increased volatility, volatility which I might add, they created themselves by hiking margins to such an extreme degree.
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