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Bullion Blows Up Banksters ~ Jeff Nielsen
June 26 , 2011
Issue 92
Today's Gold/Silver Ratio: 43/1 Up

Issue 113

Gold: $1503.30/ Silver: $34.43

Bullion Blows Up Banksters

Jeff Nielsen

When precious metals commentators (including myself) talk about the pathological fear/hatred which bankers exhibit toward gold and silver, we typically focus on their aversion to higher bullion prices – as being the “canary in the coal mine” which warns us that banker money-printing has spun out of control.

There is, however, an even more fundamental antagonism which the paper-pushing “elites” feel toward precious metals: the simple act of holding bullion is effectively an involuntary “de-leveraging” of the endless $trillions in bankster Ponzi-schemes which have totally contaminated nearly all Western economies.

Readers should not confuse my title with the popular “take down JP Morgan” campaign spearheaded by a few so-called “silver vigilantes”. When I talk about bankers being “blown up” by bullion, this is an entirely passive process. First of all, our purchasing of bullion (as has been often explained) is a defensive move to “insure” our dwindling wealth against the currency-dilution inflicted upon us by the excessive money-printing of the bankers. Secondly, the “harm” caused to the bankers by bullion is indirect, and entirely a function of their own excessive behavior.

Let me quickly cover the first premise by once again reviewing the monetary abomination known as “fractional reserve banking”. In the typical, modern “fractional reserve system”, each time we deposit a (paper) dollar with a bank (or invest it), our eternally greedy bankers are allowed to effectively print-up ten more dollars, loan them out into the economy (or “invest” them) – and thus that $1 dollar suddenly becomes $11, with the other $10 dollars being a windfall created (literally) out of thin air, which has neither been “earned”, nor does it have anything at all “backing” its value.

This ten-to-one dilution of our currency – which is nothing less than (legal) systemic fraud – is precisely how the Federal Reserve has been able to reduce the value of the U.S. dollar by roughly 98% (over its 98-year existence). But even stealing at this rapacious rate was not enough to sate the greed of the 21st century Wall Street bankster.

They directed their spineless servants in Washington to change a vast number of rules (and eliminate even more “safeguards”) allowing these banksters to increase that (already obscene) 10:1 leverage to an utterly insane level of greater than 30:1 – which turned the entire U.S. financial system (and most of its debt and equity markets) into a collection of hopelessly unstable Ponzi-schemes. This leverage-insanity has culminated in the creation of the banksters’ private casino: the $1.5 quadrillion derivatives market – by itself more than twenty times bigger than the entire global economy.

Thus when a small minority of individuals engage in the “defensive” strategy of buying bullion, we are protecting ourselves in two ways. First of all, we are isolating our waning wealth in a form which the banksters cannot dilute/debauch with their money-printing. Secondly, we are accumulating this insurance against the inevitable financial collapse when the bankster Ponzi-schemes finally implode. There is, however, an indirect “virtuous circle” which is set in motion by the simple act of buying bullion, which (to the best of my knowledge) is not being discussed by other commentators – either in the mainstream media, or within this sector itself.

Let us back-up to the basic premise upon which fractional-reserve banking exists: we invest or deposit a dollar with a banker, and then they are legally allowed to dilute that dollar by anywhere from a factor of 10:1 or 30:1. However, each and every time that we take one of our dollars and invest it into precious metals, we are breaking that cycle of dilution (and currency-destruction).

As this purchasing of bullion increases, we thus began to weaken the cycle of serial currency-dilution, and effectively de-leverage our own financial systems. Note that this “involuntary de-leveraging” of Wall Street (in particular) has been made 100% necessary due to the complete failure of servile politicians and corrupt regulators to rein-in the 30:1 insanity of Wall Street. Indeed, after only a brief drop-off (when there were no “chumps” available to take their bets), all reports indicate that the Wall Street vampires are just as leveraged today as they were before they almost destroyed the global financial system the first time – except that this insane leverage is now concentrated in even fewer hands.

This means that as individuals accumulate bullion to personally insure and insulate their wealth from the fractional-reserve piracy of modern banking, that collectively our actions are insuring and insulating our entire economies against the inevitable economic carnage as the paper-bubbles collapse – including all of the worthless, fiat currencies themselves.

In fact, I only began to consciously explore this line of reasoning myself when I was admiring the brilliance of Hugo Salinas Price’s movement to re-institute silver money as a “parallel currency” in Mexico. Critics of this scheme have argued that most of the silver money being created would quickly disappear: people would spend their paper money, and hang onto their (higher quality) silver money.

My rebuttal to that has been that this is the beauty of Salinas Price’s proposal. Effectively, instead of Mexicans having paper “savings accounts”, where they give their pesos to bankers – and then suffer the economic rape of currency-dilution – Mexicans would have “silver savings accounts”, 100% immune to the monetary depravity of bankers. I then added to that by pointing out the cumulative effect of this: permanently reducing the percentage of our wealth which is under the control of bankers, and (simultaneously) permanently reducing our vulnerability (i.e. leverage) when these paper-pirates (yet again) destroy themselves (and our system) with their insatiable greed and reckless gambling.

The mainstream media have been programmed with their own rebuttal. They call such behavior “hoarding”. This is nothing less than a perversion of semantics. In fact, for more than 4,000 years most of humanity has held their “savings” in the form of gold or silver, and billions of people do so today, primarily in Asian economies.

What has been “savings” for 4,000 years does not become “hoarding” simply because the mainstream media chooses to be an accomplice of the banksters in helping them steal our money through their fractional-reserve Ponzi-schemes.

This supplies ordinary citizens with yet one more motivation to insure a large percentage of their wealth by converting it to (“physical”) gold or silver. Not only are we protecting ourselves individually, but collectively we are engaging in the “bank reform” which our cowardly and corrupt political leaders have failed to do.

This means that each and every time you hear some media talking-head parrot the words “hoarding silver”, you can immediately translate that to mean “insuring our financial system”. The fact that it will ultimately help to “blow up the banksters” (as a consequence of their own greed) is merely a fringe benefit.


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Bix Weir Interview



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End of Trading of Gold & Silver
June 19 , 2011
Issue 92
Today's Gold/Silver Ratio: 42/1 Same

Issue 112

Gold: $1539.50/ Silver: $36.16

SGS Notes: Don't mean to sound like a broken record, but this IS what is in the precious metals news lately every week! This week's focus is on the big announcement by that has everyone feeling alarm...I wrote to Bix Weir and his response to everyone is below....

Have also added a "Watch List" in the right column... This is a 'short list' of everything we've been watching... encouraging everyone to watch for news along these lines...because things are happening fast and furious right now... feel free to send link and articles to us at we look at a lot of sites and may miss something important...


End of Trading of Gold & Silver

Trading Of Over The Counter Gold And Silver To Be Illegal Beginning July 15

Friday, June 17, 2011

Important Account Notice Re: Metals Trading

We wanted to make you aware of some upcoming changes to’s product offering. As a result of the Dodd-Frank Act enacted by US Congress, a new regulation prohibiting US residents from trading over the counter precious metals, including gold and silver, will go into effect on Friday, July 15, 2011.

In conjunction with this new regulation, must discontinue metals trading for US residents on Friday, July 15, 2011 at the close of trading at 5pm ET. As a result, all open metals positions must be closed by July 15, 2011 at 5pm ET.
We encourage you to wind down your trading activity in these products over the next month in anticipation of the new rule, as any open XAU or XAG positions that remain open prior to July 15, 2011 at approximately 5:00 pm ET will be automatically liquidated.

We sincerely regret any inconvenience complying with the new U.S. regulation may cause you. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

The Team at


Many are asking, "What is this all about? Does this mean we can't buy or sell silver or gold after July 15th?

Here's the official word on it from Bix Weir:

First of all the name of the company,, has scared many people as they believe that this relates to all FOREX, Gold and Silver transactions. is a fairly large online brokerage house and is not the FOREX market in general. They are ending their trading of electronic gold and silver for US residents do to their interpretation of the Dodd-Frank Law. My take...good riddance to ANY paper and electronic gold and silver trading! It is in the paper and electronic markets that the manipulation occurs.

As has been addressed in the Road to Roota Letters...ALL PAPER AND ELECTRONIC MARKETS WILL BE DESTROYED. These guys over at are just trying to limit their liability in the coming gold and silver chaos.

Very soon all paper/electronic gold and silver trading will end including on the COMEX and the LME.

You should be in physical gold and silver in your own possession preparing for these events.

This is another sign the END IS NEAR!

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Honoring All Our Dads....
And Wishing You a Wonderful Father's Day 2011

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  • End Excessive Oil Speculation Now Act of 2011
  • Precious Metals Stocks, ETFs & all other Paper forms
  • JP Morgan, HSBC, Goldman Sachs
  • US Dollar, Devaluation, Currency values around the world
  • COMEX silver inventories
  • Retirement Fund Regulations

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James Turk's presentation on the gold price and the US dollar


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Precious Metals and Currency Dilution ~ Jeff Nielsen
June 12 , 2011
Issue 92
Today's Gold/Silver Ratio: 42/1 Same

Issue 111

Gold: $1533.00/ Silver: $36.29

Precious Metals And Currency Dilution

Jeff Nielsen, BullionBulls, Canada

As we saw recently during the May take-down of the gold and silver markets, not only was there a large cast of buffoons referring to the silver market (in particular) as a “bubble”, but an even greater number were asserting that at the least there had been a “top” in these markets. It is really difficult to envision a conclusion which demonstrates more fundamental stupidity.

When I head to the supermarket to do my grocery shopping, the same loaf of “premium” bread which I could purchase for about $2/loaf three years ago today costs me roughly $4 today. Obviously since it is the same loaf of bread, there can be no argument that I’m getting a “better” loaf of bread for twice the price. Instead, it is unequivocal that the purchasing power of the paper in my wallet has fallen by half in just three years.

I could come up with numerous other examples of items with such massive “price increases” (i.e. equivalent collapses in purchasing power) – especially with respect to food items. This broad-based explosion in prices totally rebuts any possible argument that particular items are “getting expensive”. The only exception to that would be with respect to goods where there are now acute shortages. In those cases however, prices have tended to explode by an even greater amount.

What this translates to is that the rampant inflation which has already sparked rioting (and revolution) in many poorer nations is totally a phenomenon of out-of-control currency dilution, which is the same thing as saying out-of-control money-printing. Yet we observe the inability of practically the entire body of “experts” to understand the concept (and effects) of currency dilution, despite the fact that these same individuals have no problem understanding the concept of “dilution” when it is applied to the share structure of a corporation.

Should the experts in our markets spot a company which is printing-up new shares at an excessive rate, these analysts will tell you to dump that stock faster than you can hit the “sell” button on your trading platform. And they won’t hesitate to tell you that only a “fool” would hang onto a company which is undermining shareholder value in that manner. Yet when these same experts watch Ben Bernanke running the Federal Reserve’s printing-press “white hot” year after year after year, at any given time roughly half of these clowns will be advising people to “buy dollars”.

The argument these esteemed financial advisors will use when they “recommend” that people increase their exposure to this rapidly-disintegrating paper is that “other currencies” (i.e. other paper) is supposedly even worse. Putting aside the fact that no paper is currently more worthless than the U.S. dollar, let us assume that the U.S. dollar would “win” a least-ugly contest. What does that imply?

With the same media talking-heads claiming that most European nations are near bankruptcy and Japan’s economy is in ruins, claiming the U.S. dollar is slightly less worthless than its “peers” is hardly an endorsement. Indeed, it is like watching two people being dropped out of an airplane on identical platforms – except that one platform was dropped a millisecond later than the other. And then the person perched on the slightly higher platform says to the person on the slightly lower platform “climb up here and save yourself.”

As bad as these paper currencies look over the short-term, their “value” (?) is even more horrifying when viewed with a long-term prism. As many already know, in the roughly 98 years since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, it has managed to knock approximately 98% of the value out of the U.S. dollar – and its reckless money-printing in recent years exceeds any other monetary depravity in the entire remainder of its existence.

This is why the ounce of gold which was valued at less than $30/oz when the Federal Reserve was created now costs over $1500 (fifty times more) when using that same (debauched) paper. With the U.S. dollar having been one of the world’s strongest (paper) currencies over that period of time, the performance of other currencies (and the bankers entrusted with protecting those currencies) has been equally dismal.

What this means is that if a group of centenarians had each converted $1 million dollars into various paper currencies back in 1913, while one had converted his paper to gold, today that group would be composed of one “millionaire” – and a group of nearly-broke paupers.

Going back even further into time, we see history repeating again and again. Every “fiat” paper currency ever created (i.e. money backed by nothing) has been destroyed by the excesses of bankers. There is nothing surprising here. In playing the “game” of currency-dilution, the faster the bankers print money the more/faster they can steal from us.

Returning to the example of the hypothetical “millionaires” who would have lost their entire fortunes by simply holding it in U.S. dollars for 100 years, the obvious question to ask is “where did their wealth disappear to?”

The answer is even simpler: it all was sucked into the vaults of the bankers printing (and lending out) all of that money. When you “deposit” a dollar into the vault of a bank, the dollar you deposit has “full value”. Then the magic of “fractional reserve banking” takes over. With the normal 10:1 ratio that these thieves are allowed to use in their “operations”, for each $1 you deposit your friendly banker prints nine more – and lends those out to other suckers, pretending that every one of those dollars is worth just as much as the full-value dollar you originally deposited.

We arrive at the following set of parameters:

1) With the bankers having severed all ties between our currencies and precious metals, there is now nothing to prevent them from printing infinite scraps of paper currencies (just as the bankers have always done with these paper currencies, for more than a thousand years).

2) The faster they print their paper, the more they can steal from us.

3) The faster they print their paper, the sooner it goes to zero (like every other fiat currency, throughout all of history).

4) In 98 years, the U.S. dollar has already lost 98% of its value.

5) The U.S. dollar is being diluted much more rapidly today.

Now let us return to all of the “rocket scientists” in the mainstream media who have just finished calling a “top” in the gold and/or silver market. Just as that loaf of bread is never going to decrease in value (while the paper we buy it with goes to zero) – and can only go up in value over time, the same is true of gold and silver.

It is not simply “unlikely” that gold and silver could have recently reached a “top”, as a matter of the simplest arithmetic it is impossible. Given that there is a “lag” of many months from the time new “money” is printed and its dilutive effect filters through the economy, we will know if/when gold or silver reaches a “top” – because it will be several months after the bankers cease their reckless money-printing. Unless and until that event occurs, gold and silver (and other hard assets) must move relentlessly higher in price, as the purchasing-power of our paper currencies move relentlessly toward zero.


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Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano, Ron Paul
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Basic Info on Silver for the Tea Party by Jason Hommel
June 5 , 2011
Issue 92
Today's Gold/Silver Ratio: 42/1 Up

Issue 110

Gold: $1546.90/ Silver: $36.79

SGS Notes: The BIG News this week has been the Senate Bill due to be introduced this coming week by Sen. Bernie Sanders requiring the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) to use emergency authority to impose limits on the positions investors can take in crude oil, gasoline heating oil, and metals. Bix Weir says, 'Keep an eye out for an announcement of charges against JP Morgan for silver manipulation.'

Basic Info on Silver for the Tea Party

Jason Hommel

What is the Federal Reserve? And why do some say we should use Constitutional money, such as silver and gold?

I'm hearing that most Americans, even in the Tea Party, don't know who the Fed is, or why we need to use silver and gold as money. This article is for them.

If you have USA paper money in your wallet, or if you have money in the bank, then you have been ripped off. Paper money in the USA used to be called "silver certificates", as recently as 1964, which was 47 years ago.

They were called silver certificates, because each "note" stated: "This certifies that there have/has been deposited in the Treasury of the United States of America (number) silver dollar(s) payable to the bearer on demand."

This turned out to be a great big lie. It was fraud. Current paper money is the evidence of the theft.

I used to call paper money an "unjust weight and measure", but paper money today is no weight and measure of anything at all. It's a broken promise to pay a devalued amount and an unjust weight of silver!

Who cares? Well, you used to be able to get a silver dollar coin for a paper silver certificate. They were equal in value, as one was a promise to deliver the silver.

Today, the price of that same silver dollar coin, containing .76/oz. of silver, costs about $30 from a coin dealer, with silver prices at $36/oz.

The paper money buys much less silver, it buys less gas, it buys less of everything today compared with prices in 1964, and about 99% less of everything than 100 years ago in 1911.

The Federal Reserve was created in 1913. They got a 100 year charter that expires in 2012! Congressmen and Tea Party activists ought to seriously reconsider the Fed's charter very carefully right now!

Right after 1913, the USA had funding to fight in World War One, and then suffered the false bubble economy of the "roaring 20s" bull market in stocks which, when it popped, led to the great depression in the 1930s, followed by World War Two in the 40s.

After WWII, the US paper dollar became the world reserve currency, which helped to effectively loot the productivity of the rest of the world. Well, we did win the "world" war, and the world became the spoils of the war. The rest of the world's central banks began accumulating paper dollars, instead of gold.

This theft of the world's assets was both good and bad for the USA. Good, because the USA can simply print the money to send to the other nations in return for real assets such as oil, machines, food, clothing, or whatever. But it's bad, because our nation got addicted to the benefits of the false and inflated values of free paper money, and grew lazy, and we forgot that the benefits and bounty of freedom are greater than the benefits of a free lunch paid for by slaves.

Today, we are still free to go into the market and buy physical silver, and let me tell of this wonderful opportunity in silver.

To create this paper money world in which we live, the world's bankers launched a propaganda and education war against silver first, and then gold, to prevent their use as money. This war dates back to the late 1860's. They succeeded, as no nation on earth uses silver as money. Reduced monetary demand has reduced the value for silver, making it an attractive and cheap investment.

Then, by the end of WWII, the age of electronics began, and the use of silver as a conductor of electricity in all sorts of electrical devices simply exploded, about ten times as much as previously. Modern nations use about 3/4 of an ounce of silver, per person, per year, in industrial applications.

Today, world industry consumes about 600 million ounces of silver per year. Industry consumes nearly all of world mine supply, leaving only recycled silver, only about 200 million ounces, available for investment demand. This scarcity of silver makes it an even more attractive investment.

The bankers of the world have not cornered the market on silver. The exact opposite happened. They tried to make silver as cheap as possible, by not buying it themselves, and trying to divert investment demand away from the metal where ever and when ever they could.

For example, any time any of the clients of any of the major western LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) banks wanted to buy silver, the banks said, "sure", and opened up silver and gold accounts for their clients, without going out to buy and store the actual metal, yet they charged their clients storage fees. This created, according to the BIS (the Bank of International Settlements) a "gold and silver" liability that is up to about $600 billion in gold, and about $200 billion in silver. That's about 6 years worth of world mine annual production of gold, and about 10 year's worth of annual production of silver. That's silver and gold that the major banks owe their clients, and never bought in the real market, to help suppress prices, and prop up paper money.

Another way that banks suppress silver prices includes offering investment-grade sized silver certificates (not paper money), as they do in Canada and Australia even today.

But when they offer bullion accounts, or certificates, those trade in a non-transparent way, as they don't create price quotes, and it's difficult to find information on how much bullion fraud has taken place.

The main way that the banks manipulate the prices of silver and gold is through the futures markets that generate minute by minute price quotes that other industry players such as refiners and miners and large bullion wholesalers must look to in order to conduct business to buy and sell silver and gold.

Futures markets are price manipulative and price suppressive because the sellers offer far more silver than they have, and they offer silver on the worst possible terms and conditions.

They offer to sell up to 800 million ounces of silver, on paper, over a year, when they only have about 30 million oz. of silver in their vaults ready for delivery. Why then, do people buy paper silver? The lure of greed through leverage. You can put only about 10-15% of the money down to buy silver, and thus, if silver prices double, you can earn 1000% on your investment, instead of 100%.

But what honest industrial participant needs silver "a month or so from now" for delivery at some vague time within a whopping 30 day time period, and in the form of a bulky 1000 oz. bar that is particularly difficult to ship by mail or even melt down? I won't even bother ordering any silver from any supplier who will take even 21 days to ship it out. I expect my suppliers to ship out silver the next day, like we do, or maybe at the most, a week after I wire them the money.

The modern way to keep people away from buying and taking delivery of real silver is to offer silver in the form of an "Exchange Traded Fund" or ETF, such as SLV, which can be bought or sold as easily as a share of a stock in a company like Microsoft. Recently, it was pointed out that the modern forms of paper silver, such as the futures markets and ETF's traded an entire year's worth of silver production in a single day. I don't think that would be possible unless there was a massive amount of fraud taking place, instead of any real delivery of real silver taking place, but that's just my opinion, of course.

Real silver is real freedom.

All forms of paper silver are like slavery; the paper virtually enslaves the promising party, the seller, to deliver and perform for the promised party, the buyer. But the promises are often broken, especially when entities promise to deliver many more times worth of gold and silver than flows in the world on an annual basis.

The slavery is bad. Defrauding others is bad.

But real silver creates real freedom.

A real understanding and commitment to own and trade real silver also destroys the power of governments to steal from the people through the Federal Reserve's monopoly power to print money, which devalues people's money.

The paper money in your pocket (formerly silver certificates) is the best evidence and reminder that promises to deliver silver are always created to excess, for the purpose of fraud.

Think: What kind of business is it, if you can take people's money, and never have to deliver the underlying product? That's what banking is.


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Hugo Salinas

'Silver in the Hands
of the People

Summary of the lecture given by Hugo Salinas vice President of the Mexican Civic Association for Silver in January 2011," How to monetize silver so that it can circulate permanently in parallel with paper and digital money"

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