Frequently Asked Questions


Silver & Gold shop orders are shipped Registered/Insured U.S. Mail, & Federal Express. Each package is fully insured and requires a signature upon delivery. Packages sent registered and insured mail can take on average 5-10 business days. The parcel's registration number is only available to trace a package if it hasn't been received within 30 days from the date shipped.

Silver & Gold Shop fully insures all of its shipments. Should anything happen while your package is in transit to you it will be covered by our insurance policy. However, we will not accept responsibility if you have left instructions with any carriers or delivery service to leave parcels un-attended for you without the need for a signature. When we ship to you, if metals are lost or damaged in transit, it is our responsibility to pursue any claim with the insurance company. If we determine the package is lost or damaged, we file a claim. Once the claim is filed, we reserve the right to re-ship your items or refund your money at our discretion.

At present, orders under $1000 will be shipped via FedEx, insured with signature required; orders over $1000 will be shipped Registered Mail, priority with insurance - also requiring signature. While this solution is not as economical as other methods of shipping, it has been chosen largely due to the coverage on insurance policies of the shipping vendors.

Shipping Estimates

In order to assist you with planning your purchase, we provide you with the ability to estimate the cost of shipping via FedEx or Registered Mail during checkout. Shipping prices are based upon a combination of base rate(s), distance, value, and weight. These are estimates, actual cost will vary depending upon these factors.

Do you ship Internationally?

We are unable to accept orders from outside the United States due to difficulties shipping and insuring international shipments, and policies of International shipping vendors.

Payment Methods

We currently are offering the option of payments via Direct credit card processing, Pay Pal, Cashier's Check / Money Order, and Wire Transfer for orders over $1500.

Pay Pal: Pay Pal allows us to process credit cards several ways:

•The user can pay directly at the time of the order - either using his/her Pay Pal Account or bypassing the account. The checkout system transfers the user to Pay Pal during the checkout process, then back again to S&GS.

•The user can request an invoice through Pay Pal. We would then manually send the invoice via eMail, and the user would click the link in the eMail and pay through Pay Pal (with account or not)

•The user can phone us with their credit card information, and we can process it in Pay Pal's Virtual Terminal.

Payment by Phone: Users may opt to call us and give us their credit card information by phone. We still would prefer that users place the order online to enter the order information into our system. Select the Cashier's Check tab in the Payment Options, and enter 'Cashier's Check' in the comments field.

Then the user can call us at their convenience to provide their credit processing information. If we call the user, then the user has no way to know whether we are who we say we are.

Cashier's Checks/ Money Orders: Users may check out, selecting the Cashier's Check/Money Order tab in the Payment Options,
then indicating in the comments that they want to send a Cashier's check or Mone
y Order. When we receive those requests, we send a copy of the order via eMail to the user, with instructions on how/where to send the check.

Wire Transfer: A wire transfer payment is initiate by the customer at his financial institution. Because of bank fees involved, Wire Transfer is only practical for high volume special orders. If you prefer paying via Wire Transfer, please let us know at the time of your order, and we will send instructions with your order confirmation.

Cashier's Check Payment Policy

We offer the option to pay by Cashier's Check or Money order for those who prefer to not use online credit card processing. You will need to select this option during the checkout process. When you choose this method, your order will remain in 'Pending' status until the check clears. At that time, your order will ship.

Due to the volatility of the precious metals marketplace, we have been forced to implement the policy that we will only hold your purchase price for 10 days after invoicing. If an invoice remains outstanding for more than 10 days, we will have to reissue the invoice at current price points.

We realize this policy presents the most challenge to those paying by cashier’s check. Most domestic 1st class mail can reach us within the allotted 10 day time period. So if our receipt of payment by cashier’s check is within proximity to the 10 day limit, we will honor it. If there’s a postal service delay or other personal issue, we will work with you.

Our objective is not to be punitive or create a hardship on anyone, but to limit the outstanding orders that remain unpaid for weeks and months.

Why is 1/10, 1/4, or 1/2 oz of Silver or Gold more expensive per ounce?

Denominations of less than 1 oz are known as 'fractional' pieces. When a mint makes a coin or round, they strike a blank round of silver or gold with a die. Mints generally charge a fee per strike to make a coin. If they are making 1/2 or 1/4 or 1/10 rounds, they are striking 2, 4, & 10 blanks (respectively) per ounce instead of 1 blank per ounce. Therefore, the cost of production of fractional pieces is higher.

What is .999 Fine Silver?

.999 is the measure of highly refined & purified silver. It is the closest to 100% pure that silver can be and still be able to be coined. A small amount of alloy is needed for coining.

How much is a Troy Ounce?

A Troy ounce is equal to 31.10 grams or 1.09714 oz. so is slightly heavier than 1 ounce.

What is Spot Price?

The best explanation of 'spot' can be found at

What is Bullion?

Precious metals in bulk form are known as bullion, and are traded on commodity markets. Bullion metals may be cast into ingots, or minted into coins. The defining attribute of bullion is that it is valued by its mass and purity rather than by a face value as money.

What is Proof Quality vs. Bullion Quality?

Preparation of a proof striking usually involved polishing of the dies. They can usually be distinguished from normal circulation coins by their sharper rims and design, as well as much smoother "fields" - the blank areas not part of the coin's design. The dies for making modern proof coins are often treated with chemicals to make certain parts of the design take on a frosted appearance, with the polished fields taking on a mirror finish. Several other methods have been used in the past to achieve this effect, including sand blasting the dies, and matte proofs. Proof coins of the early 1800s even appear to be scratched, but it was part of the production process.

Most proof coins are double struck. This does not normally result in doubling that is readily observable, but does result in the devices being struck fully.

Bullion quality coins, on the other hand, have a burnished (or brushed) finish and do not have a mirror-like finish.

Price Confirmations and Binding Agreement

Once you have placed an order to buy or sell with Silver & Gold Shop, you have entered into a binding agreement.

When ordering online, the price at which your order is submitted is the locked-in price. Your confirmation number will be in your return email. You must ensure that your payment is dated within 24 hours and received by SGS within five business days to guarantee your price.

When selling to SGS, once we have issued a confirmation number, the price is locked in for you and the transaction may not be cancelled, but only offset at our current buy price. We require all purchases to be shipped to us by the end of the following business day and reply to us with a tracking number so we know the product is on the way. If you call in with the registered mail or tracking number and we do not receive the items within 5 business days and the delay is due to the USPS, UPS or Federal Express, we reserve the right tol extend the deadline on a case by case basis.

Cancellation of Orders

Once we have issued a confirmation number, all prices are locked-in whether buying from us or selling to us. It is not our intention to enter into buying and/or selling transactions, accepting the risks involved only to have them cancelled. However, we realize rare situations happen where orders need to be cancelled. Should you elect to cancel and/or offset your order, you must do so during normal business hours of 8:00 – 4:00 MST Monday – Friday. All cancellations are subject our market loss policy plus a $35.00 (USD) cancellation fee.

Cancellations may only be approved over the telephone, at which time you will be given a cancellation number. At that time, if any market loss to Silver & Gold Shop has occurred, it will be calculated and added to the $35.00 (USD) cancellation fee. If applicable, you may elect to pay any market loss by credit card at that time or, we will invoice you in which you will have thirty days to pay the amount due in full. No future orders may be permitted until any market loss is paid in full. Any market gain on cancellations shall remain the property of SGS.

Our “Market Loss Policy” (Ask to Ask policy).

When purchasing from Silver and Gold Shop, once we have issued a confirmation number, the price is locked in for you and the transaction may not be cancelled, but only offset at our current ask price. Any deficit between the price at which we sold to you and the offsetting purchase price and/or prices, is your responsibility only if your item(s) is cancelled or returned. That amount will be charged to you, plus a $35.00 cancellation fee. That is our Market Loss Policy. Any market gain on cancellations shall remain the property of SGS.

When selling to SGS, once we have issued a confirmation number, the price is locked in for you and the transaction may not be cancelled, but only offset at our current buy price. Any deficit between the price at which we bought from you and the offsetting purchase price and/or prices, is your responsibility if we do not receive your items That amount will be charged to you, plus a $35.00 (USD) cancellation fee. That is our Market Loss Policy. Any market gain on cancellations shall remain the property of SGS.

Silver & Gold Shop reserves the right to refuse an order when the confirmed price is incorrect, due to computer-related problems, pricing error, incorrect item descriptions or sudden movements in the precious metals market. Furthermore, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order deemed questionable, suspicious or of significant risk to SGS regardless of payment method and price confirmation.

Your Silver & Gold Shop order may be canceled if we do not receive payment within five (5) business days. Once you have placed an order with SGS, you have entered into a binding agreement.

Satisfaction Guarantee & Return policy

We guarantee your satisfaction at Silver & Gold Shop. We provide all our customers with a refund, return and/or exchange policy on everything we sell. This right is limited to three (3) days from the date on which the customer receives their items and notifies us, provided they are kept in their original packaging. On returning bullion related items, the customer may (at SGS's discretion) be required to pay for any market loss on their returns. (See Market Loss Policy above) Any market gain on refunds shall remain the property of SGS.

We want our customers to be pleased with their purchases. If for any reason you have a problem, please feel free to call our offices and discuss it with us. We will always do our best to accommodate you. We do charge a 5% restocking fee on all credit card orders returned. If an exchange is requested, we reserve the right to find an acceptable replacement or refund your money.

Investment risks

All investments involve risk - coins and bullion are no exception. The value of a bullion coin is affected by many economic factors, including the current market price of bullion, the perceived scarcity of the coins and other factors. Some of these factors include the quality and current demand and general market sentiment.

Therefore, because both bullion and coins can go down as well as up in value, investing in them may not be suitable for everyone. Since all investments, including bullion and coins, can decline in value, you should understand them well, and have adequate cash reserves and disposable income before considering a bullion or coin investment.