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About Soterion Ventures
The term soterion comes from the ancient Greek biblical language… it means “salvation” and is usually used in reference to Jesus Christ and the salvation He came to bring to mankind It can also reference other types of ’salvation’… e.g. being saved from an accident, tragedy or unfortunate circumstances for example.
The mission of Soterion Ventures, Inc. LLC is to engage in business activities that have, at their heart, a redemptive purpose… to help people survive circumstances, to provide resources to help prevent people from getting into difficult circumstances etc.
Mission: has, as its mission, the goal to provide precious metals at competitive and affordable prices to the average American It is our desire to assist people in acquiring precious metals as a hedge against the devaluation of the U.S. dollar and subsequent hyper-inflation that we believe is on the horizon.  In addition to our online retail store, we offer purchasing facilitation services upon request with our vendors to facilitate getting the lowest prices for our customers who desire to place volume orders.
Relationships:  We have forged joint relationships with mints and other vendors in the precious metals industry. We currently provide a weekly newsletter, bringing the best articles and information from experts in the precious metals marketplace to our subscribers and customers to help educate and inform; and are planning some exciting new features on our site that we believe will provide some added value to our customers and visitors.
Selling Precious Metals to Silver & Gold Shop - S&GS will purchase precious metals on a case by case basis from trustworthy sources.  Contact us to discuss any potential sale of gold or silver that you would like to transact with us.
Fund Raising - Silver & Gold Shop also makes their Tea Party Silver Round dies available to organizations to use for fund-raising.  They can also facilitate designing and copyrighting a custom round for your organization. Contact them directly for more information.
To Contact Us:
You may contact us by phone at 888.203.2232 x 1 or eMail us at